Content Warnings for Howls From the Wreckage

Content Warnings for Howls From the Wreckage

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“Don’t Play in the Closet” by David Worn
Child Loss, Infertility

“(>executeRelease_)” by P.L. McMillan
Graphic Violence, Amputation

“Son of Yokozuro” by Caleb Stephens
Gore, Urban Destruction, Loss of Loved One

“Crickets” by Solomon Forse
Child Loss, School, Insects, Vomit

“You Shall Return” by L.P. Hernandez
Arson, death

“The Richardson Family Reunion” by Ryan Marie Ketterer
Verbal Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, Gore, Poverty, Implied Child Abuse, Kidnapping

“Casualties of a Predictable Apocalypse” by Joseph Andre Thomas
Depression, Animal Attack

“Heavy Rain” by TJ Price
Suicide, amputation

“A War in Hell” by Mike Adamson
Gun Use, Poverty, Graphic Violence

“Fleshies” by Thea Maeve
Hate speech, Transphobia, Graphic Violence

“A Tornado or Something Like It” by C.B. Jones
Suggested Violence toward Children, Natural Disaster

“A Thing of Habit” by Cassandra Khaw
Gore, Hospitalization

“Unzipped” by Bridget D. Brave
Claustrophobia, Gore

“The Last Sermon of Brother Grime” by Timaeus Bloom
Gentrification, Insects, Rotting/Garbage

“Against the Flats” by Jennifer L. Collins
Violent Death, Graphic Violence, Drowning

“Hope is a Sad Song” by Gully Novaro
Claustrophobia, Animal Violence (Rats), Child Loss, Gore, Mental Health/Depression (implied), Suicide (implied)

“Systemic Infection” by Michelle Tang
Medical Gore, Insects, Fire, Torture

“Forever Home” by Chelsea Pumpkins
Animal Death, Insects, Person Experiencing Unhoused Conditions, Natural disaster (flood) with displacement

“The Children of the Event” by Carson Winter
Gun Violence, Classism

“Detritus” by Lindsey Ragsdale
Gore, Mentioned Drug Use, Body Horror, Self-harm