Content Warnings for Howls From the Dark Ages

Content Warnings for Howls From the Dark Ages

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“The Crowing”
Child abuse. Child death. Body dysmorphia. Animal abuse/death. Gore. Torture. Occult.


Body dysmorphia, skin disease (pustules/boils/pimples), skin picking, body horror

“Brother Cornelius”
Blood, decapitation, demons, gore, occult, sexual assault, starvation

“In Thrall to This Good Earth”

“In Every Drop”
Child death

“Deus Vult”

“The Final Book of Sainte Foy’s Miracles”
Child death, body horror

“A Dowry for Your Hand”
suicide, body horror/gore, amputation

“The Mouth of Hell”

“The Lady of Leer Castle”


“The King of Youth vs. The Knight of Death”
Child death, extreme violence, cannibalism, childbirth, abduction, gore

“The Forgotten Valley”
Violence, consensual sex

“The Fourth Scene”

“White Owl”
Domestic abuse, spousal rape, infertility

“A Dark Quadrivium”
Violence, Blood, Gore

“The Lai of the Danse Macabre”
Corpses/skeletons, mass death, gore, child abandonment, starvation