The Wych Elm by Tana French

by Christopher O’Halloran (@BurgleInfernal) According to the US 2020 census, 36 million Americans identify their primary ethnicity as Irish—four times the actual population of Ireland. Over 5.6 million people around the world are using the language-learning app Duolingo to learn Irish. No backyard griller is without an apron saying, “Kiss me, I’m Irish.” People love… Continue reading The Wych Elm by Tana French

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

by @Asenath Fairy tales cover diverse ground, from retellings of historical events to cultural in-jokes, but some of the most popular and longest enduring are tales about behavior, especially the behavior of women. Though queer and feminist takes on fairy tales are common today, with reimaginings written by everyone from Helen Oyeyemi to Margaret Atwood,… Continue reading The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

The Hellbound Heart By Clive Barker

by Christopher O’Halloran (@BurgleInfernal) There are authors who write to change the world. Those who are able to create such beauty and wonder in words that a reader’s life is forever changed. Authors who astound with their brilliance. Then there’s Clive Barker—often credited with kickstarting the splatterpunk movement—doing his best to make your stomach turn… Continue reading The Hellbound Heart By Clive Barker

Comemadre by Roque Larraquy

by Molly Collins (@mollyec) People do weird things at art school. Believe me, I’ve been there. A girl in one of my classes collected preserved insect carcasses and dismembered bird wings to use in her projects, and the rest of us didn’t blink an eye—I even borrowed them once for my own work. It was… Continue reading Comemadre by Roque Larraquy


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