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HOWLS From Hell: An Anthology Written For Horror Fans By Horror Fans

“Quality horror by true believers—who can write. What more can you ask for?”
~Stephen Graham Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Only Good Indians

“A Howling good read! This was an incredibly unique and interesting collection of sixteen short stories from HOWL Society. Not one tale is the same.”
~Debra, Goodreads review 

Howls From Hell is such a fun and creepy short story collection! … The illustrations accompanying each story were stunning (and dark!) and added to the chilling atmosphere of the collection.”
~Magdalena, Goodreads review

Cover of HOWLS From Hell: A Horror Anthology. A howling wolf is surrounded by hands contorted into claw shapes.

Every anthology starts as a journey, and for Howls from Hell, the journey started on Discord with a community of enthusiastic horror readers. Originally a book club, HOWL Society eventually attracted horror authors as well, soon creating a space on their server where writers could help one another with honing their craft.

After developing a strong user base as well as an organized critique system, in August 2020, the idea was put forth by user and admin, @Lord Mordi (affectionately known as the THOT Father), to create a debut anthology—one that HOWL Society would reveal at the 2021 StokerCon in Denver (some still harbored hopes in those turbulent times). From there, Howls from Hell took off, evolving past a simple collection of stories to a passion project.

This spine-tingling debut collection features sixteen talented writers and HOWL Society members: P.L. McMillan, J.W. Donley, Shane Hawk, Christopher O’Halloran, Alex Wolfgang, Amanda Nevada DeMel, Lindsey Ragsdale, Solomon Forse, Justin Faull, M. David Clarkson, B.O.B. Jenkin, S.E. Denton, Thea Maeve, Joseph Andre Thomas, Joe Radkins, and Quinn Fern.

With member-created artwork from HOWL Society and a foreword written by Grady Hendrix, Howls from Hell has it all: cosmic horror, sci-fi, body horror, dark fairy tales, and more. Each story is crafted with an ardent desire to contribute to a genre we love oh so much—resulting in a unique collection of terrifying nightmares for those readers who are brave enough to open the cover. 

Who is this anthology for? It’s for those who love horror, whether they be readers or writers themselves. It’s for those seeking out new talent—new fiction written by people just as passionate about horror as themselves. 

So, mark your calendars, ghouls and ghosts. May 18, 2021 is when this thrilling anthology drops, and you can pre-order it now from Amazon and most other major booksellers, or add it on Goodreads.

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