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Showcasing the Howls From Hell Authors!

With the release of HOWL’s debut anthology, Howls From Hell on May 18th, (order now!), HOWL Society would like to showcase the sixteen talented writers featured in Howls From Hell. Each of these writers contributed terrifying tales unique in voice, themes, and idea. No matter the type of horror fan, a reader is sure to find something they love in Howls From Hell.

Now, in order of appearance in the anthology, HOWL Society would like to introduce the amazing authors in Howls From Hell:

Quinn Fern, author of A Casual Encounter in Howls From Hell. Quinn: lives near Birmingham, Alabama; collects plants, bones, and coffee mugs; lives with her two cats, Rupert and Lou, and her dog Buffy; has a degree in English literature; this is her first publication.
Find Quinn online at Twitter and Instagram
J. W. Donley, author of The Pigeon Lied in Howls From Hell. J.W.: lives in the Pacific Northwest; is a writer of weird, horror, and fantasy; was raised on Goosebumps; is a fan of Stephen King, Clive Barker, Mark Danielewski, and Laird Barron; was previously published in Dim Shores Presents, volume 2.
Find J.W. online at his website and Twitter, or snag a copy of Dim Shores Presents Vol. 2
P. L. McMillan, author of Manufactured God in Howls From Hell. P.L.: is a writer of horror, weird, and sci-fi; has been published in a wide array of anthologies, magazines,  and podcasts; also creates art, including the Howls From Hell cover; is addicted to gyoza; blogs at plmcmillan dot com.
Find P.L. online at her website where she blogs, shop her merch, or commission a custom portrait or icon
B.O.B. Jenkin, author of Red Punch Buggy in Howls From Hell. B.O.B.: claims to hail from another dimension; is an alcoholic; hates music; has a dozen unpublished novels under his mattress; and wants to be Laird Barron’s BFFL.
B.O.B. doesn’t want you to find him
Shane Hawk, author of She's Taken Away in Howls From Hell. Shane Hawk: was born and raised in San Diego; is engaged to Victoria Fletcher; is represented by CookeMcDermid; is the author of short story collection Anoka; hates cilantro.
Find Shane online at his website, or snag a copy of Anoka
Alex Wolfgang, author of Suspended in Light in Howls From Hell. Alex: lives in Oklahoma City; is the author of the collection Splinter and Other Stories; is a world backpacker; is influenced by Cliver Barker, Thomas Ligotti, Brian Evenson, and Laird Barron; is a relentless devourer of Indian food.
Find Alex online at Twitter and Instagram, or snag a copy of Splinter
Solomon Forse, author of Gooseberry Bramble in Howls From Hell. Solomon: lives in the Rocky Mountains; teaches high school English; is a veteran of the US Army infantry; is the guitarist of Lovecraftian metal band Crafteon; is the founder of HOWL Society.
Find Solomon online at Twitter
Joe Radkins, author of Clement and Sons in Howls From Hell. Joe: is an illustrator (commissions are open); is the father of two little Padawans; thinks film is life; thinks Foo Fighters are the greatest band; is a fan of Stephen King, Joe Hill, Grady Hendrix, Paul Tremblay.
Find Joe online at Twitter and Instagram
Christopher O'Halloran, author of Possess and Serve in Howls From Hell. Christopher: is a Canadian father of one; works in the dairy industry; studied acting at Vanarts; has appeared in Hellbound Books, Tales to Terrify, The Dread Machine, and more; is seeking representation for his debut novel, Pushing Daisy.
Find Christopher online at his website and Twitter
Amanda Nevada DeMel, author of Duplicitous Wings in Howls From Hell. Amanda: is a writer of science fiction, horror, and other speculative fiction; is an emerging author with a few publications available under her belt; is a lover of film, theatre, and breakfast food; is a soon-to-be graduate student of English; is a proud neurodivergent, asexual, and Jewish woman.
Find Amanda online at her website, Twitter, and Instagram
Joseph Andre Thomas, author of It Gets in Your Eyes in Howls From Hell. Joseph: is a literature teacher from Vancouver, BC; is a baseball fanatic; his favorite writer is George Saunders; he watches an uncomfortable amount of terrible horror films; and he sometimes even writes.
Find Joseph online at Twitter
Thea Maeve, author of Red and the Beast in Howls From Hell. Thea: lives on the beautiful beaches of Arizona; is a writer of queer horror stories; is a politics and horror Twitch streamer at TheaMaeveTV; her favorite books are The Drowning Girl, Negative Space, and The Haunting Of Hill House; she listens to K-Pop while writing horror.
Find Thea online at Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram
Justin Faull, author of The Intruder in Howls From Hell. Justin: lives in Gold Coast, Australia; writes dark fiction but is trying to be more hopeful; was raised on Darren Shan; and is influenced by Franz Kafka, Donna Tartt, and David Lynch.
Find Justin online at Twitter
M David Clarkson, author of Sprout in Howls From Hell. David: lives in the Midwest with his wife and foster son; works in the trailer industry; writes mainly horror; is influenced by Chuck Palahniuk, H.P. Lovecraft, and The Twilight Zone; Sprout is his first published story.
Find M Clarkson online at Twitter
S.E. Denton, author of Junco Creek in Howls From Hell. S.E.: lives in Los Angeles; worships David Lynch and X-Files; is influenced by Stephen King, Mariana Enriquez, & Mark Danielewski; is a UX/UI designer; was previously published in Night Terrors, vol. 8.
Find S.E. online at Twitter, or snag a copy of Night Terrors Vol. 8
Lindsey Ragsdale, author of A Fistful of Murder in Howls From Hell. Lindsey: hails from Chicago, IL; works as a grant writer and cook; favorite authors include, but are not limited to, Stephen King, China Miéville, and David Mitchell; she also adores frogs.
Find Lindsey online at Twitter

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