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40% Funded, and Announcing a Partner Campaign!

To everyone who’s already backed Howls From the Wreckage, THANK YOU!

With Kickstarter’s “Project We Love” label and all of the early support, we’re already at the 40% mark for reaching our initial goal! The contributors are thrilled, HOWLS members are howling in excitement, and we’re excited to keep rolling right along!

Meanwhile, we’re devoting today to some cross-promotion with another great indie horror press, Weird Little Worlds. They’re running their own Kickstarter for a new horror anthology, Playlist of the Damned. And if there’s anything better than supporting one new indie horror anthology, it’s gotta be supporting two fantastic new collections! You can find WLW on Twitter: @WeirdLitWorlds, and their Kickstarter at Playlist of the Damned, An Anthology of Horror Fiction by Weird Little Worlds — Kickstarter.

Wherever you can, please keep spreading the word about Howls From the Wreckage as well as Playlist of the Damned so that we can make sure both of these fantastic publications make it into your hands!

Plus, if you haven’t already, just take a look at those stretch goals, and the support level for that gorgeous hardback cover… HOWLS special ed. hardcover anthologies sold out at StokerCon last year, so this might be your only chance to grab one. What more incentive could you ask for?

But no matter how you’re sharing or supporting, truly, we owe you endless howls of thanks. This project has been in the works for a while, and the support we’re getting means everything. THANK YOU for getting us this far already!

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