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Thank You, and a Major Announcement

That’s a wrap on our Kickstarter! Thank you to everyone for helping us get over the finish line. We hope you’ve enjoyed it!

Some Highlights of the Road So Far…

Even our own membership has been pretty blown away by our updates, so if you missed any, please take a look back! Some of the highlights included: one of our anthology’s cover artists giving an inside look into his artistic process for arriving at the stellar work you’ll see on our Paperbacks from Hell-inspired cover, our amazingly talented formatter giving an inside look into some of the special touches she’s given to the layout and illustrations within this upcoming anthology, and one of our voice artists writing and then performing her own take on Gilbert & Sullivan’s “I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General”…but all about her work as a Modern Horror Narrator for HOWLS!

And beyond all that, our updates have been packed with quotes, inside looks, and some info about other exciting Kickstarters that are ongoing or coming up. So, if you’ve missed any, take a look–you might just find one that draws you yourself into HOWLS!

Speaking of Which… Let’s Chat HOWLS for a Second…

By now, you know we’re a horror-obsessed community of writers and readers who are in the process of putting out our third anthology. Here are some things you may not know about us, though:

1) Our members range from across the globe, and although a big contingent of us are from the US and Canada, we’ve got members who call the server a second home and live in the southern hemisphere, across the Atlantic, and throughout Europe.

2) Although the club reads a book per week, we’ve got plenty of members who read very few of the books and primarily hang out to talk about movies, gaming, food, and of course writing (among other things!). Oh, and pets! Most of us regulars are serious animal-lovers who can’t help showing off pictures of our dogs, cats, birds, reptiles…you name it. What unites us, then? A love of horror and a desire to support each other. We do have one member who tries to read each book the club reads, I admit, but the vast majority of us aim for only one or two a month, if that, which is a lot more manageable!

3) And about those book reads…we vote each month on what to read the next month. Members take turns making up a themed list for a given week’s read, and then we vote as a community to choose what book to read. The process ensures a lot of variety in what we read, and while the majority of our reads are novels, we also include a fair number of short story collections. Graphic novels also make appearances, and we recently enjoyed our first poetry collection!

4) Oh, and the writers and readers alike get a thrill from our Q-and-A series. Just this year, we’ve enjoyed having Paula D. Ashe, Sara Tantlinger, and Brandon O’Brien all stop in for a chat about their books! If you look back to last year’s archived chats, the list gets too long to include here, but includes such favorites as Paul Tremblay, T. Kingfisher, Stephen Graham Jones, Max Booth III, and Tananarive Due…

And Now… a Major Announcement!

Our next anthology is going to be edited by Jessica Peter and Timaeus Bloom, to be produced in 2024! If you’ve got any interest in being involved, you’ll want to join the server right away. We invite in a few guest authors each year, but most of the stories come from the HOWLS community. It’s still competitive–not everyone who submits a story will be published, by any means!–but the best way to have a chance is to join our discord and, by extension, our community! Most importantly… our theme this year will be Horror Crime!

The Kickstarter is closed, but you can still preorder the Howls From the Wreckage paperback!

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