Bloodlines Interview Series #3: Antony Frost

by P.L. McMillan

Why howdy! Here I am. Here you are. And here is another interview with another talented author! In case you missed the first two, I am interviewing the four authors responsible for putting together an upcoming anthology on the theme of familial horror. This anthology, Bloodlines, is coming out soon actually! It is coming out on January 11th, 2022 and pre-orders are available now. Click here to check it out!

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If you’ve ever dreaded a family dinner, felt terror at the blood pumping in your veins; if you’ve ever thought maybe the people you call kin just aren’t quite right—Bloodlines will hold you in its thrall with its literary daring, blood-soaked wit, and taste for carnage. From quiet horror to caterwauling bloodshed, this quadruple feature is fun for the whole family. (Amazon)

Bloodlines is currently available for pre-order. 

Antony Frost

Today’s interview is with Antony Frost, author of “Nos Da, Tad” in Bloodlines. This is Frost’s debut publication and it is a powerful one!

A man struggles with his inheritance when his absent father—and namesake—dies, leaving him with disturbing visions and an unwanted purpose. (Amazon description of “Nos Da, Tad”)

Frost dives deep into how an author’s life and experience can inspire and affect their writing. Be warned, in this interview, we get into the heavy topic about the nature of family and what that can mean to someone.

Antony Frost is a factory worker and writer from Cambridgeshire, England. He lives with his wife and innumerable spiders. When not writing or reading, he can be found out in the fens, poking things with sticks. (Antony Frost’s website)

You can find Frost on his website or follow him on Twitter.

Let’s check out what Frost has to say as a writer and as someone with a very complex experience of family:

One more interview to go, so be sure to come back tomorrow!

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