Bloodlines Interview Series #4: Chris O’Halloran

by P.L. McMillan

Welcome back, dearest reader, for the final interview of my Bloodlines series! In this series of interviews, I ask the authors who put together the collection about writing, their inspirations, aspirations, and more.

Bloodlines comes out this Tuesday, Jan 11th, so get your pre-order now!

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If you’ve ever dreaded a family dinner, felt terror at the blood pumping in your veins; if you’ve ever thought maybe the people you call kin just aren’t quite right—Bloodlines will hold you in its thrall with its literary daring, blood-soaked wit, and taste for carnage. From quiet horror to caterwauling bloodshed, this quadruple feature is fun for the whole family. (Amazon)

Bloodlines is currently available for pre-order. Check it out by clicking here! 

Chris O’Halloran

Today’s interview is with Chris O’Halloran, author of “Our Migraine” in Bloodlines. O’Halloran’s fiction has appeared in Howls from Hell, Mixtape:1986, The Dreadmachine, and At Midnight. An active HWA member and admin of the HOWL Society, O’Halloran describes himself as someone who “acts like a fool for chuckles from his wife and son at home in British Columbia.”

A trio of sisters take turns sharing a migraine that challenges their pain tolerance—and sanity. (Amazon description for “Our Migraine”)

You can find O’Halloran on his website, follow him on Twitter, or check him out on Facebook.

And if you know anyone looking for an amazing novel to represent, O’Halloran is currently seeking representation for what would be his debut novel, Pushing Daisy!

Now without further ado, let’s check out the fourth and last interview:

And that’s all folks! Interviews are finished!

Don’t forget, Bloodlines is out this Tuesday — so support these amazing authors and buy a pre-order, it really really helps indie authors out to do so.


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