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Howls from the Dark Ages: The First-Ever Medieval Horror Anthology

HOWL Society Press presents the first-ever anthology of medieval horror! Howls from the Dark Ages contains 18 thrilling tales of cursed castles, wild woodlands, haunted hamlets, and mysterious monasteries, with an introduction by Christopher Buelhman, the author who started it all with his novel Between Two Fires.

Available in eBook, paperback, and a limited edition hardcover, Howls from the Dark Ages contains member-created artwork along with tales from both HOWL Society members as well as renowned authors in the horror industry. Take a look at this fantastic lineup:

“The Crowing” by Caleb Stephens
“Angelus” by Philippa Evans
“Palette” by J.L. Kiefer
“Brother Cornelius” by Peter Ong Cook
“In Thrall to This Good Earth” by Hailey Piper
“In Every Drop” by Lindsey Ragsdale
“Deus Vult” by Ethan Yoder
“The Final Book of Sainte Foy’s Miracles” by M.E. Bronstein
“A Dowry for Your Hand” by Michelle Tang
“The Mouth of Hell” by Cody Goodfellow
“The Lady of Leer Castle” by Christopher O’Halloran
“Schizzare” by Bridget D. Brave
“The King of Youth vs. The Knight of Death” by Patrick Barb
“The Forgotten Valley” by C.B. Jones
“The Fourth Scene” by Brian Evenson
“White Owl” by Stevie Edwards
“A Dark Quadrivium” by David Worn
“The Lai of the Danse Macabre” by Jessica Peter

HOWL Society Press invites horror fans to peer into the deepest shadows of history, to uncover forgotten secrets, to experience buried terror, and to discover that which should have been left buried. Pre-order your copy from your favorite bookseller or pre-order your limited edition hardcover direct from HOWL Society.

Mark your calendars for May 12, readers. It’s time for your history lesson.

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