Howls from the Dark Ages: An Anthology of Medieval Horror

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Uncover the secret annals of untold history in these eighteen medieval manuscripts. Each tortured scribe will bring you face to face with ancient horrors lurking in cursed castles, wild woodlands, haunted hamlets, and mysterious monasteries.

Including a lineup of authors both established and emerging, HOWL Society Press presents the first-ever anthology of historical horror from the medieval period, fittingly introduced by the writer who arguably started it all: Christopher Buehlman, author of the medieval horror epic Between Two Fires.

“The Crowing” by Caleb Stephens
“Angelus” by Philippa Evans
“Palette” by J.L. Kiefer
“Brother Cornelius” by Peter Ong Cook
“In Thrall to This Good Earth” by Hailey Piper
“In Every Drop” by Lindsey Ragsdale
“Deus Vult” by Ethan Yoder
“The Final Book of Sainte Foy’s Miracles” by M.E. Bronstein
“A Dowry for Your Hand” by Michelle Tang
“The Mouth of Hell” by Cody Goodfellow
“The Lady of Leer Castle” by Christopher O’Halloran
“Schizzare” by Bridget D. Brave
“The King of Youth vs. The Knight of Death” by Patrick Barb
“The Forgotten Valley” by C.B. Jones
“The Fourth Scene” by Brian Evenson
“White Owl” by Stevie Edwards
“A Dark Quadrivium” by David Worn
“The Lai of the Danse Macabre” by Jessica Peter

HOWLS from Hell: A Horror Anthology

Cover of HOWLS From Hell: A Horror Anthology. A howling wolf is surrounded by hands contorted into claw shapes.

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Spacefaring researchers disturb an ancient horror. An enchanted object curses a grieving widow. A haunted reel torments a film student. A murder trial hinges on a chilling testimony.

In Howls From Hell, sixteen emerging horror writers pave the way for the future of the genre. Fans of dark and macabre fiction will savor this exhibition of all-original tales born from one of the fastest-growing horror communities in the world: HOWL Society.

With a foreword by GRADY HENDRIX, this anthology unveils the horror writers of tomorrow with spine-tingling stories from:

P.L. McMillan
J.W. Donley
Shane Hawk
Christopher O’Halloran
Alex Wolfgang
Amanda Nevada DeMel
Lindsey Ragsdale
Solomon Forse
Justin Faull
M. David Clarkson
B.O.B. Jenkin
S.E. Denton
Thea Maeve
Joseph Andre Thomas
Joe Radkins
Quinn Fern

“Quality horror by true believers—who can write. What more can you ask for?”
~Stephen Graham Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Only Good Indians

“No two stories are alike in this carefully curated anthology—a chorus of fresh voices unafraid to search the depths of hell for the darkest horror and gouge it onto the page.”
~Laurel Hightower, author of Crossroads

“An anthology for horror devotees by horror devotees, Howls From Hell first pays homage to horror’s venerable tropes, then blows them away.”
~J.D. Horn, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The King of Bones and Ashes

Howls From Hell gifts us with sixteen imaginative nightmares from some of the freshest voices emerging in horror and dark fiction. The stories in this collection are fierce and delightfully wicked. I’m certain we’re going to be reading a lot from these writers for years to come.”
~Cynthia Pelayo, two-time Bram Stoker Award-nominated poet and author

Anthology News

Howls from the Dark Ages: The First-Ever Medieval Horror Anthology

HOWL Society Press presents the first-ever anthology of medieval horror! Howls from the Dark Ages contains 18 thrilling tales of cursed castles, wild woodlands, haunted hamlets, and mysterious monasteries, with an introduction by Christopher Buelhman, the author who started it all with his novel Between Two Fires.Available in eBook, paperback, and a limited edition hardcover,…

Join Us! HOWLS From Hell Twitch Party on June 26

To celebrate the audiobook release of Howls From Hell, we will be having a party event on Twitch on Saturday June 26th, 2021, at 2:00 PM EST. We we will have author readings of Howls From Hell stories, games, and giveaways!Attendees will have a chance to win a copy of the Howls From Hell audiobook,…

Showcasing the Howls From Hell Authors!

With the release of HOWL’s debut anthology, Howls From Hell on May 18th, (order now!), HOWL Society would like to showcase the sixteen talented writers featured in Howls From Hell. Each of these writers contributed terrifying tales unique in voice, themes, and idea. No matter the type of horror fan, a reader is sure to…

Join Us! HOWLS From Hell Release Party on May 18

Come one, come all, to the Howls From Hell release party on May 18th, 2021 at 7PM EST. This 90-minute event will feature HOWL Society authors reading snippets of their Howls From Hell tales.Along with chills and thrills, attendees will have a chance to win a signed copy of ANOKA by Shane Hawk, a signed…

HOWLS From Hell: An Anthology Written For Horror Fans By Horror Fans

“Quality horror by true believers—who can write. What more can you ask for?”~Stephen Graham Jones, New York Times bestselling author of The Only Good Indians“A Howling good read! This was an incredibly unique and interesting collection of sixteen short stories from HOWL Society. Not one tale is the same.”~Debra, Goodreads review “Howls From Hell is such…

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